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What should I pay attention to when decorating an office?(2)

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First of all, most of their tops have been renovated, and the basic supporting facilities such as smoke detectors, sprays, central air conditioning inlets and outlets, and fixed light sources are basically complete. Therefore, these factors must be taken into consideration when dividing partitions in the decoration office. If the partition needs to reach the top for sound insulation, it is necessary to ensure that each space has at least one smoke, spray, air conditioning outlet, and main light source when designing the partition.

In addition, it is best for the owner to consult with the property department of the office building before the renovation, because the procedures for applying for fire protection are more complicated. Some property companies can directly help with paid amendments internally, and some property companies allow tenants to solve it themselves. The change of the air inlet and outlet of the central air-conditioning is also roughly the same.


7. The color of the screen partition and the connection of the integrated wiring

The color of the screen partition is a highlight of the entire office area. In the design, the contrast with the overall style should be considered. The color of the screen partition may not be unified with the overall style, which can sometimes bring a sense of impact and jump to the vision.

In addition to quality assurance when purchasing office furniture, do not neglect the close connection with wiring. Because the last important procedure in the office decoration is to enter the furniture, if the design of the reserved position of strong and weak current and the standard discharge of the information point module is unreasonable, the voltage will be unstable and the transmission speed will not be smooth during use in the future.

With the passage of time and the development of the times, office decoration has become more and more modern. The professional decoration company for office decoration said that because the 21st century is an era of rapid technological development, our office decoration must also keep pace with the times. In addition to the unique and personalized design, it must meet the needs of work and life. At the same time, safety has always been our top priority and cannot be ignored or underestimated.

The sense of order in the office is very important, and its sense of order refers to the overall perfection and simplicity. The office is a place for office work, so it cannot be decorated with colorful flowers. A quiet, peaceful, and tidy atmosphere must be created to make a better office work and improve the office efficiency of the office.


The decoration of the office is based on practicability, and only after ensuring the practicability of the office can we consider other things. First of all, the decoration of the office is not suitable for too many things, just install the necessary things. Too much furniture will cause visual fatigue and reduce people's office efficiency. At the same time, the design of the office can also be added to your own preferences, because it is your own office place, adding your own preferences is also conducive to office work.

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