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What should I pay attention to when decorating an office?

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Nowadays, the pace of life and work is getting faster and faster, and almost all offices become the second home of white-collar workers. The decoration of the office space in line with the company's positioning and style not only allows employees to have a sense of identity with the company, but also benefits the construction of corporate culture and incentives for employees.


1. Fire protection engineering

If the partition is to reach the top, it is necessary to modify the smoke and spray. The property company usually requires the owner or the decoration company to solve it on their own. If this is the case, they should find those qualified fire protection companies. According to regulations, the fire company must report to the local fire station for approval. In addition, there is a separate fee for applying to the fire station.

2. Central air conditioning

Similarly, partitions are needed to divide the space in the office decoration, so it is necessary to consider that each space must reserve a certain number of central air conditioning outlets and return air outlets. Before the office renovation, the layout plan of the central air-conditioning renovation must be submitted to the property company for review.

3. strong and weak current

The most important point in the office decoration project, because it is related to the normal work of the entire company, the unity cannot be ignored. Professional and technical personnel will go to the site to carry out actual measurement, and plan all the reserved switches, sockets and various lines of strong and weak currents on the drawings, and then submit them to the property company for review.

4. Office furniture

For office furniture, find a furniture company before decorating the office. Many lines and sockets must be connected to partitions. Therefore, the furniture company must have a close connection with the electrical engineer, and the drawings must be confirmed by the two parties before being reviewed by the property company.

5. The manifestation of the division of office functional areas

Decoration design companies usually use partitions when designing office space, and there are many types of partitions. Commonly used office partitions include light steel keel gypsum board partitions, wooden glass partitions, stainless steel glass partitions, and aluminum-plastic glass partitions. There is also a new type of material called aluminum-magnesium-titanium alloy glass partition, but this partition is a new type of product, and the market price is higher than other partitions. However, no matter what kind of partition is used, the overall style must be considered in the design process. After the overall style is unified, the partial fine description and color matching should be carried out.


6. Matters needing attention on the top surface of the office decoration

Because today's offices are usually located in office buildings and some buildings, these office buildings and buildings have strict requirements for owners when decorating their own offices.

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