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What should I pay attention to when decorating the aisle corridor in the office?

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In a building, there will be a long aisle or corridor between the office and the office. Don't ignore this place when you are decorating the office. Because if you just go to decorate the office, the corridor will look particularly lifeless. Therefore, when you decorate your office, you must pay attention to the decoration of the corridor, so how should you decorate it?


You can design the corridor to be more advanced and status, so that it can make the corridor more elegant and capable. When customers walk up to this corridor, they can feel its atmosphere. So how to create this feeling?

First of all, you can use light gray floor tiles, because gray is more resistant to dirt and can show an elegant temperament. If the surface is decorated with yellow lines, it will be more attractive. Then you must install downlights in the corridors. The color of the downlights I suggest that you can use warm yellow. This will reflect the light, and then make the entire corridor more bright.

Some companies may use beige marble, which can also be used for decoration, and then particle board can be used on the wall to protect the wall.

When decorating the office, you can use some transparent glass doors in the corridor, so that the space can be divided into a kind of effect. If it is an office building inside a factory, the decoration of the corridor can create a clean and tidy feeling, because it can be more convenient to clean, because the factory itself may be more dusty. When decorating, you can use white walls, and then match them with white lights to make it look cleaner.

The studio corridor needs to be light enough to appear bright, so that it can bring more active thoughts to people. The corridors of the studio must not be dark or unclear, otherwise the visitors may fumble for a long time to find the company's door, which will leave a depressed impression on the visitors. In addition, from the perspective of feng shui, the studio's dullness also means excessive yin air, which has an unfavorable effect on the company's employees, so it needs to be taken seriously.


In the decoration of the studio, the corridor is best to be straight, which not only facilitates the communication and communication between people, but also has a better sense of order. The straight and smooth corridor means that the company's financial path is smooth. In the studio decoration, too many twists and turns in the corridors are taboo, especially when the corridors are blocked or half-blocked. The twisted and blocked corridors affect the work efficiency of employees.

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