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Which partition material is better for office decoration?

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When decorating the office, we must improve fire protection awareness and control the use of flammable decoration materials. For some combustible decorative materials, such as plywood, thin wooden boards and decorative boards, when in use, fire-resistant coatings should be applied to prevent fires from generating a large amount of poisonous gas and smoke when the materials are burned, and to avoid fires.

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Office partitions are also required to have a certain sound insulation effect, which can be divided into several situations: 1. It is used in general office rooms such as manager rooms/conference rooms. 2. Computer rooms or other rooms with special requirements such as recording studios.

If it is the first case, the general requirements can be met by adopting light steel keel + gypsum board + filled with sound insulation cotton. But be aware that if it is a large conference room or training room, it is best to add a cloth soft bag or sound-absorbing board with sound insulation effect on the wall according to the specific situation because of the amplification equipment.

If it is the second case, it is necessary to consider a more comprehensive sound absorption and noise reduction processing method. And it is necessary to pay attention to whether to meet the relevant fire protection regulations while dealing with the sound insulation effect, which is also a problem that is often overlooked in office decoration.

Office mobile partition wall materials can be divided into three categories from a broad perspective: profile, surface material and auxiliary materials. What partition material is better for office decoration? Office mobile partition wall materials have three requirements: high elastic modulus, high strength, and good toughness.

The internal use of galvanized steel support with international patented section steel support design is used as the structural part, which can fully meet the requirements of stability, sound insulation and fire protection. The strength of the office mobile partition wall material will far exceed that of aluminum alloy by as much as three times. For the exterior, high-precision aluminum alloy materials are used to form the exterior decoration system.

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Because it is suitable for indoor use as a partition wall system, the fineness of the surface is an integral part of the overall quality of the partition wall. In addition, the outer aluminum alloy profile also has a certain strength, so while the decoration function is satisfied, it also improves the strength of the overall office mobile partition wall.

The sound insulation and sealing system composed of polymer materials is another component of the office mobile partition wall material. The sound insulation and sealing system is fixed and embedded on the inner edge of the glass, while meeting the functions of overall sound insulation and heat preservation, it also improves the overall fire resistance of the mobile partition wall of the office and avoids the loopholes in the fire protection of the wall.

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