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Why choose office glass partition

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Finished partitions are used as office wall materials, which can distinguish the space perfectly and use the area rationally. It resembles the partition and the non-partition. It is a modern office for environmental protection, lighting, sound insulation, and flexible design. Combining products with comprehensive needs such as repeated disassembly and assembly is also an inevitable trend of industrial decoration.

office partition

The main body and auxiliary components are processed in the factory, and the assembly is completed on site, which impacts the traditional decoration mode. Integrating modern decoration concepts, it not only has the traditional enclosing function, has more storage and display effects, not only saves office space, but also makes the office environment simple, modern and full of personality.

The finished partition is called a glass partition, also known as a glass partition. The main function is to use glass as a partition wall to divide the space according to needs, make better use of the space, and meet various home and office purposes. Glass partition walls usually use toughened glass, which has the advantages of wind pressure resistance, cold and heat resistance, impact resistance, etc., so it is safer, stronger and durable, and the damage to the human body after the glass is broken is much smaller than that of ordinary glass.

There are three types of materials: single layer, double layer and artistic glass. Of course, everything is done according to customer needs. A high-quality partition project should have good lighting, sound insulation and fire prevention, environmental protection, easy installation and reusable glass.

Generally speaking, toughened glass is a widely used material as a partition material for finished toilets. Because of the transparent nature of the glass, it is very easy to clean, has high durability, and generally has a relatively long service life. The waterproof characteristics of tempered glass are well demonstrated. In addition, tempered glass will give people a warm feeling in terms of appearance.

The structure of the finished product partition is relatively simple, and most of the on-site construction work (such as all pre-punched holes, etc.) is considered and solved during the design. Therefore, the installation is relatively quick. We have successfully completed the rapid construction of the finished partitions of several entire office buildings.

office partition

All finished partitions use environmentally friendly materials, and customers can move into the office immediately after completion, without worrying about physical damage caused by decoration pollution. The color of the finished glass partition frame can be surface treated and customized into special colors according to customer requirements. The finished partition glass and the frame are sealed with a fully enclosed rubber strip, which has good sound insulation effect, and the sound insulation coefficient is greater than 46 decibels.

The multiple uses and combinations of finished partition materials bring more imagination and solutions to the design, allowing customers to have more choices. The finished product partition has various forms and can be used flexibly. Different combinations can be selected for different occasions to meet the actual practicability of customers, and make better use and adjustment of the working environment and space.

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