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office pod shopping guide

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Whether you are redesigning your office, looking to optimise the space available or must adapt your office to meet social evacuation rules, an office pod is a great solution.


Ideal for optimising privacy and reducing noise disturbance, office pods can offer many benefits in a variety of office environments.


office pod

With businesses up and down the country ready to welcome back employees following the nationwide lockdown, the vast majority of businesses have had to adapt their office space to accommodate new ways of working and comply with social evacuation guidelines.


Office pods are a great way to create separate work and relaxation areas that will allow your employees to effectively distance themselves from society.


This is our guide to everything you need to know about buying the right office pod for your workplace.

Internal office pods allow businesses to create new dynamic workspaces without the need for construction work. From internal office pods to acoustic pods with high-quality modular systems, adapting office space to meet your business needs has never been easier for day-to-day operations.


Most internal office pods can be installed quickly and easily with minimal disruption to office life. Pods offer outstanding levels of versatility, privacy and acoustic performance and can be placed anywhere in the office and on any surface.


One of the main advantages of office pods is that they do not require planning permission, making them a cost effective and simple solution for creating additional work areas or meeting rooms. And, as they usually do not require wall fixings, they can be easily moved and assembled in many different spaces.

Whether you are looking for pods for two, pods for three to four, or pods for five or more, there are many different designs, sizes and models to choose from.


Meeting pods have a variety of uses and are a great way to enhance your office, providing an inviting space for meetings, brainstorming, or just getting away from your desk for an hour or two for a change of scenery.


Most modern conference pods offer excellent flexibility with built-in connectivity, comfortable seating, power outlets and lighting fixtures.

Soundproofed office pods are ideal for creating dedicated quiet areas where your staff can conduct meetings, interviews, training sessions and conferences.


As no office space is the same, acoustic screen panels can be linked together to create a single pod or extended to combine multiple office pods.


The panels have been proven to reduce noise by up to 30db, are made from sound absorbing fabric and come in a variety of sizes.

One of the main advantages of office pods is that they can be placed in any space. They are also more attractive and comfortable than traditional meeting pods.


office pod

More and more companies are using Office Pods to create attractive and powerful Team Pods to encourage teams to work, socialise and meet together.


Team Pods are perfect for creating multifunctional spaces and can also be used to provide a quiet sanctuary for employees to work independently.

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